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REPRAP Prusa I3 Ultimate 3D Printer Kit
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A Quality REPRAP Prusa I3 3D Printing Kit which inculdes all the parts you need† to build a well proven, high spec Prusa I3, capable of impressive quality prints. Not only is the design well proven but the build manual is well tested incorporating a lot of customer feedback from many kit builds. This printer is a PLA (1.75mm) printer by default and all of the setup and default slicer settings provided (in the downloadable support package) are optimised to give outstanding PLA print quality. It will quite happily print ABS and other materials compatible with a MK8 hot-end however the setup and configuration will be up to you.

No Soldering Required, Motors are pre-wired, Firmware is pre-loaded and Stepper Motor Drivers pre-tuned.

The kit includes : 6mm Waterjet-Cut Aluminium Frame, MK8 Extruder/Hot-End (1.75mm Filament, 0.4mm Nozzle) complete with build plate fans (something essential but lacking on the majority of kits), RAMPS 1.4, Mega 2560/R3 (with preloaded and configured Marlin Firmware), A4988 stepstick,2004 LCD, Downloadable support zip file from our website (with comprehensive pdf build manual, marlin firmware source and printable models of all plastic parts .. you can start printing spare parts from your first print!), Powerful Stepper Motors (Nema17, 1.7A,,2 phase), Fans (Hot-End,Ramps and Build Plate), Mechanical Endstops (with mounts), 20Amp Strip Power Supply, Aluminium Bonded Heated Bed, Aluminium Bonded Mirrored Print Surface, All Plastic Parts, Rods, Pulleys, Connectors, GT2 Timing Belt, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Cables etc. See the Full Inventory below for a full list of parts.

This kit is designed and tested to get you up and printing with the minimum of effort. Many of the difficulties normally encountered in building a Reprap I3 Kit have been ironed out, including some part designs unique to this kit.

If you have bought a Reprap kit in the past and found it lacking e.g. parts not fitting together, major omissions, underpowered power supply, underpowered stepper motors, flimsy acrylic frame, no build manual, no support, bad firmware, no way to re-print broken parts etc .. then you can buy this kit confident that none of the same problems will be encountered. We want you to get up and printing and support is available!

Note: Colour of PLA parts is primarily black, with some red/green/yellow parts for styling e.g. MK8 backplate/LCD frame clip,LCD reset button etc. Special colour request can be accomodated but message first and allow a few extra days to print the parts.

Optional Accessory Pack Contents: 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm Allen Keys, M3/M4 Spanner, Sewing Machine Oil, SD Card (pre-loaded with printable model files), Ceramic Screwdriver, PVA Glue Solution + Application Brush (For printing PLA). Spare MK8 Barrel + 0.4mm Nozzle, Roll Of 15mm Kapton Tape (MK8 servicing)

Add This Kit + Accessory/Tool Pack To Your Basket And Receive A Free Bundled 1Kg Reel Of PLA (random colour depending on stock).

†Other things you will need to complete the build and get up and running: Adjustable Spanner (for M8/M10 nuts), M2/M3/M4 Allen Keys, M3/M4 Spanner, Sewing Machine Oil, SD Card, Ceramic Screwdriver (in case you want to alter stepper driver tuning), 1.75mm PLA Filament, Bed Adhesion e.g. PVA Glue Solution + Application Brush or Blue Tape etc. See accessory pack in our other listings.

6mm Aluminium Waterjet Cut Frame + Build PlateThis is heavy and rigid for printer stability, far better than a flimsy acrylic frame.
Powerful Nema 17, 4000 g/cm Stepper MotorsProperly powered motors avoid overheating and/or missed steps.
RAMPS 1.4 with Mega 2560/R3 + LCD + A4988 Stepper Motor DriversWith preloaded and configured Marlin Firmware.
MK8 Extruder Hot-End (1.75mm Filament,0.4mm Nozzle)An easy to maintain hot-end capable of outstanding print quality in PLA or ABS
Aluminium bonded heated bed (PCB Heatbed MK2A)1mm Aluminium sheet provides a better heat spread and flatter surface
Aluminium bonded mirrored print surfaceGreat for PLA printing with a thin layer of PVA glue solution (see accessory pack in our other listings).
12V 20A Power Supply20A of power to give a bit of headroom for the printers max 16A power draw
Downloadable support zip file from our websiteBuild Manual (pdf), Printable Parts, Marlin Firmware
Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Smooth RodsQuality stainless steel smooth rods for the LM8UU bearings
Fixed Endstop-Mounts With Adjustable Z TriggerUnique innovation to this kit solving enstop stability and adjustability issues
M5 Cage Nut Z-Axis SystemUnique cage-nut innovation to this kit minimising Z-Wobble and Z-Motor stress.
Quality Steel M5 Threaded Rods + M5 CNC Flexible Motor CouplingsThese CNC couplings ensure rotational precision with minimum Z-wobble

Factory 3D Prusa i3 vs Ultimaker 2 - YouTube

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WHY THIS KIT? Factory 3D
Description Qty
6mm Waterjet Cut Frame / Build Plate 1

MK8 Extruder/Hot-End (1.75mm Filament, 0.4mm Nozzle) 1
Ramps 1.4 / Mega 2560 R3 / A4988 Steppers / 2004 LCD 1
Aluminium bonded heated bed (PCB Heatbed MK2A) 1
Mirrored print surface 1
Axis Stepper Motors (Nema17, 1.7A, 3.4V,,2 phase, 1.8 degree,Model: 42BYGHW609) 4

Zip Ties Assorted
M10 Threaded Rods (Steel:Zinc Plated) 2
M10 Nuts / Washers 12
M8 Threaded Rods (Steel:Zinc Plated) Y-Axis 4
M8 Nuts / Washers 22
M8 Smooth Rods (Stainless Steel - 316 'Marine Grade') 6
M5 Threaded Rod (Z-Axis) 2
LM8UU Bearings (X,Y,Z Axis) 11
20 Tooth GT2 Pulley's 2
CNC M5 Flexible Coupling 2
624zz bearing (idler pulleys) 2
150cm GT2 Timing Belt 1
Mechanical End-stops w/Cables 3
M3/M4 Nuts / Bolts / Washers Assorted
M5 Cage Nuts (for Z-Axis M5 threaded rods) 2
Build Plate Fixings Assorted
PLA Parts Assorted